Monday, July 16, 2007

Damp lensI obviously don't have the pestering knack. In the last post I mentioned a Lexar SD card had conked out and that I'd tried getting them to replace it, to no avail (or rather, they'd promised to begin preliminaries, then done nothing). So a week after being promised an email within the hour I sent the following to them the email which had borne the transcript of the earlier conversation (and which is plugged on their geographically quirky website). Apologies for the tone, style, grammar and God knows what else of the letter; it was hurried when tired.

From: Anyhoo
Date: 10-Jul-2007 22:40
Subject: Still awaiting RMA

Dear Sir/Madam,

Recently a Lexar 2 GB SD memory card bought at Christmas 2006 ceased to work. A week ago I contacted one of your agents through the live chat service on the Lexar Support website to arrange a replacement as this product came with a five year warranty. During this conversation I was told that an RMA and the return and replacement details would be sent to me within the hour. That was about 168 hours ago.

Could you kindly rectify this? To save retyping the relevant details I've included the transcript below.

Thank you for any help. I hope to hear from you soon.

Yours faithfully,


[transcript as here attached]

Answer came there none. The receipt scavenged from the present-giver, who bizarrely still had it, and who foolishly bought it in the horrifically named Curry' [Dixon's], at high High Street prices, and thus has given me grave cause for concern (if you're going spend that much on a present, can you at least spend it better so I get both more present and less guilt over such ill-use of resources? The stated dollar amount for customs is not much more than she paid in sterling), appeared in the post.

The next day a jiffy bag with US customs paperwork attached also appeared in the post. Inside were two invoices, dated 11th July, as demanded by the external customs blurb and a packing slip, despatched from the ambiguously named Hidden Lake Circle in Duncan, South Carolina, on the seventh of September (or possibly ninth of July). Also included was a new memory card, complete with the little plastic case the original never had.

So I got my replacement card, but Lexar still haven't told me they're sending one. And I can't work out if my email prompted action (by my reckoning it should have been seen by 6 pm, assuming there was someone left in the office to see it) or was purely coincidental. Either way, it seems Lexar don't do outgoing emails, or phone calls, or letters or even scribbled notes on compliments slips.

Replacement = good (though it was under warranty so not doing so... would not have been wise).
Not telling me they were doing it = less so.


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