Saturday, July 09, 2005

Gainsborough's Mrs Peter William Baker[Retyped post, as Blogger and Firefox are having "issues"].

Drat. Now we know that Blogger does not react well to alien code. Sorry for the wonky display. I did try to modify it, but I think I only ended up inventing useless HTML code, and of course the Preview option had packed up the moment I pasted from Flickr.

Hurriedly leaving that clutchless gear change, I'm sure you'll all be pleased to know that this site is currently the first result in the entire world for the Coop dividend card. I'm also doing remarkably for searches for various foreign objects and "an al". Most excitingly, rather a lot of these are coming from one server.

Perennials favourites (or just perennials) Matt Barbet, Catherine Ztea Jones and Foxtons are all making strong showings this week. Him: I've decided it's not his nostrils, it's his ears. Her: There's no hope for her now that she's got competition from Free Katie. It: They've finally decided I'm not in a position to sell this house. I eagerly await the blurb asking if I want to buy a house.

Slightly confusing search of the week: je t'aime english translation brian molko. Well, Molko is Russian for bread and Brian is Slovakian for garlic. Oh sorry, you wanted to know what je t'aime means? I you familiar like. Clear now?

If you were referring to Mr Placebo's cover of the song, then allez ici pour la traduction (or check out Me gustas tu by Manu Chao instead. I'm now imaging a mixture of Gainsbourg, Molko and Chao. Somebody save me please).

Having checked that, is one of the line really "I go and I come between your kidneys"? You'll get septicaemia.

I'm sure there's other much more interesting stuff to read out there, so if you'll forgive me I'm going to go and find it.


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