Wednesday, January 12, 2005

WellBelated review of the year, Strang-stylee. Although he nicked it from someone else. But hey, it's a meme, that's how it works. Meme in this case not so much indicating a distinct transferable cultural unit, more a complete lack of original thought.

Anyway, the idea is that the first line of the first post of each month during a year gives one an idea of the contents of that year. Maybe. Shall we see how this runs for 2004?

Jan: Firstly sorry - I've just noticed that the googlewhack link in the last post is a bit whack, and of course I can't remember what it's meant to be (except that it came via the Mexican version of Google).
Feb: Thom Yorke on Hutton in the Guardian.
Mar: Well it's Super Tuesday once again (not that Super Tuesday, though it is) - and once again the stats have gone odd.
Apr: Well, I'm back.
May: [Assuming I can get this to work on blogger, but if it goes all redex on me, click on it and the link should work] Legoland commands you to read!
Jun: In order to break the "I must only do random, yet factually correct and interesting posts" perception, I'm going to launch into trashy internet faddiness.
Jul: Oh well.
Aug: I am Spartacus!
Sep: Yay for 10-hour days!
Oct: Well that was fun.
Nov: [This is one of those "it would have been helpful if I had clicked Publish, not Save as draft" posts, as it has now been superseded by events]. November 2nd 2004.
Dec: Is it a good sign if the university one attended finds itself on eBay?

I know I have cheated a bit with some of the square brackets stuff, but they are not really part of posts, more PS's. And I think there is a word which I should start only using in connection to water bearing holes in the ground. Also, I had no idea I used exclamation marks so much.


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